8 Yoga Asanas to Increase Metabolism

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Metabolism is a commonly used term. In scientific language, metabolism describes all the chemical reactions of the body that keep your system alive and functioning. For deeper understanding, it is a process by which the cells of the body convert food into the energy needed to breathe, walk and feel alive.

Metabolism is related to our weight. Metabolism highlights the basic needs of your body, the amount of food you eat and the physical exercise you do determines your weight. But metabolism helps in increasing your weight. There are more body mechanics that contribute to individual weight gain.

Yoga for Weight Loss Increase Metabolism

Physical yogic activities change the level of healthy and its metabolism so that the body is able to burn calories at increased levels. Additionally, triggers other body functions related to metabolic changes due to the practice of yoga:

  1. Stress control: Yoga asanas and meditation reduce the production of cortisol (stress hormone). The rate of metabolism can be brought back to normalcy by controlling stress levels.
  2. Breathing: Pranayama (controlled breathing) done with long breathing increases calorie expenditure and metabolism.
  3. Sleep: Sleep has a major role in metabolic functions. Lack of sleep and lack of metabolism are linked. The practice of yoga provides peace of mind which ensures the quality of sleep. Better sleep ensures metabolic homeostasis.

Yoga to increase metabolism:

  1. Twist: Twists help align the spine, remove anger, and activate the body which promotes metabolism.
  2. Revolved Crescent Lounge(Parvrit Anjaneyasan): Can be started in a Crescent Lounge pose. Gently bend the torso to the right. As soon as you turn, only then move your elbows out of the knees and try to bend the palms to the position of namaste. Enlarge the spine and look upwards. Now exhale, turn more deeply but remain within your limits. Don’t forget to perform on the left side as well.

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